Koo Koo’s Nest, Zamboanguita : A Hidden Gem in Negros Oriental

The Philippines is known for its jaw-dropping tourist spots hidden between the 7,107 islands. Moreover, the country is considered as a paradise together with its white sands, beautiful beaches and majestic toursit destinations.

While most of us wishes to go to the mainstream destinations but little we did know is that in each island has its hidden gem. Koo Koo’s Nest is one the hidden treasures you’ll get to see in Negros Island.

The Koo Koo’s Nest

Months before going to Manila for my Licensure Examination, my boyfriend and I visited this hidden gem located on the tip of Negros Island. It is a 46 kilometer-ride from Dumaguete City. The travel time would be approximately an hour and 10 minutes. But you don’t have to worry because roads are smooth and no traffic.

Koo Koo’s Nest is a small eco-lodge owned by the couple, James and Katie Ingrams. This place is a perfect spot for couples who wants to have a quick getaway from a very hectic week. Their rustic cottages are built with bamboo and nipa, surrounded with coconut trees and a view of crystal blue sea which gives you a peace and romantic tropical atmosphere.

Homemade Meals

One of the great finds in the place is their food. They come in an affordable price but gives your that 5-star gastronomic experience. We ordered homemade bacons and sausages which are exclusively made in their restaurant.

For an afternoon delight, you can order a homemade pizza and an iced cold beer while enjoying the Sulu Sea. Unfortunately, we didn’t witness the fiery sunset because of the gloomy weather. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay because of its relaxing view.

A Peaceful Paradise

The number of visitors is controlled and the owner prefer couples and small families as guest to keep the place peace and quiet. The cottages are full packed with different nationalities who stayed for almost a month. The owners were very accommodating and very friendly.

Koo Koo’s nest has no television, no AC and has a slow internet connection. But this place is one of the best I have visited. What it lacks in luxury like in those 5-star hotel, makes up in beauty of nature. Moreover, a great choice for a laidback and relaxing weekend for everyone.

Koo Koo’s Nest

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