The Pure Life in Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort

I have already accepted the fact that my boyfriend and I won’t be getting a long get away for this year. Since we don’t want to remain dormant from traveling for the whole year, we decided to go on a short trip to the neighboring town of Dumaguete City. Being a traveler doesn’t only mean flying from one province to another or hopping from one island to another. It can be about exploring new places and appreciating the beauty of your own locality.

The Pure Life

Pura Vida Beach and Dive Resort is one of the good places to visit in Dauin, Negros Oriental. It is approximately 16 kilometers south from Dumaguete City. That is about 30 minutes or two towns away from the city.

Pura Vida means “Pure Life” and that is their goal for you to experience in their resort. Well, I guess they never failed because it is what we exactly felt during our stay. Entrance fee is Php 200 pesos which is consumable. They have varieties of food in their menu from Italian, American to Filipino classics. A separate Php 200 for the pool use.

This is managed by the Swiss and it was built last 2004 for the divers. It was already 14 years have passed, but this was our first time to visit the resort. They have kept Pura Vida as natural as possible and with the luxurious vibe embracing the nature. The roofs are made of nipa and their cottages are made of bamboo which gives you a taste of the Filipino culture.

What I loved about the resorf is the greenery all around. I find it very therapeutic and it visually detoxifies my soul. They have Filipino-inspires rooms for those who want to stay over night or for the weekend. Just like the other resorts, their room or bungalow isn’t numbered but rather, it is named after a marine creature that lives near the area. (e.g. Clownfish)

The Pool Area

If you’ll browse through the photos in Google about Pura Vida, you’ll see wide angled pool with a tropical backdrop of the blue sky and tall coconut trees. I will be honest about this, but their pool is small with a depth of 4-5 feet. I was a little bit disappointed. That is why we never dared paying another 200php for pool use.

The pool can be suitable for those family who has children with them because they can put an eye to them. Moreover, children love swimmimg pool, right?

The Beach Area

Dauin is known for its stretch of beaches along the coastal area of Negros Island. Though the sand isn’t as white and waters aren’t as blue crystal clear like in other islands of the Philippines, there are still a lot of things to be proud of. It is popular for its Marine Sanctuary where you can see variety of marine creatures like sea turtles. I guess this is how Pura Vida was built for.

Since we didn’t pay for the pool, we opted for a quick dip by the sea. We weren’t able to go snorkeling since we didn’t bring gears with us and it was already getting dark. Moreover, my atopic dermatitis wasn’t cooperating. So I have to leave the waters before it severely irritates my skin.

The Shower Room

They have a different shower room for their walk-in guests. Inside, it has its own shampoo and shower gel. I guess this is to avoid people leaving shampoo wraps and soap boxes inside. They also have enough space for the guest to hang on their towels and clothes and for them to dry up. Why am I pointing this out? It is because one of the reason why some people don’t want to go on swimminh because it is a hassle for them to change and dry up. This is because some resorts have dirty, smelly, small spaces cubicles for changing.

The Pizza

Yes, I have to give the highlights for this Quatro Pizza. It was amazingly good and it perfectly jives with drops of tabasco sauce. If only we can have two Quatro Pizzas but that would cost us more than our pockets. We also had Mango and Buko shake to complete the natural tropical vibe of our stay.

The question is, was the food worth it? The answer is, yes! Yes with reservations because if I was a tourist then I would spend a few more pesos for a worthy experience. But knowing that I am in my own locality and there are other cheap options for an afternoon merienda, I consider their pizza and other cuisines are a bit pricey.

Did we have a great time?

Certainly, yes. We did. Any time spent with each other is always a great time. Even though we arrived the place alread past 3 pm, the short span we stayed in the resort was beautiful and relaxing. However, this isn’t recommended for those budget travellers who want to experience a tropical vibe. But this place is best suggestes for divers and who wants to learn diving. They also offer classes for beginners.

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