How Traveling Keeps Me Going

“Palm Trees Highway, Siargao”

Everyone has their reason why they travel. Traveling is such a beautiful verb to live by and an experience that we will never forget. You see, everyday as I wake up, I feel like I am a ping pong ball trapped inside the box. I just keep bouncing from one corner to another with the same old routine. I wake up, check social media, take a bath, skip breakfast, go to duty, go home, sleep and so on. Yes, it really soundsĀ  awfully boring. With the situation I currently have, it is really difficult to break free. Or maybe, I am just scared. I am scared to go out from my comfort zone because the comfort zone I have is I think the safest. You read it right, I am a coward. I have this pessimistic approach of the future and to myself. I think I am bagging all the unfortunate events of my life and I am afraid that I might spill them on bumpy roads. But when I travel and explore the different places in the world, it gives me a different perspective.


“Our first travel together. Siquijor.”

My family isn’t the type who would spend for traveling. If we go on vacations, we go with my relatives or go home to my mother’s province. So basically, traveling wasn’t really in our vocabulary. So what’s my story? Four years ago, I met my boyfriend through a common friend. We started to get to know each other until after few months, we jumped into a relationship. On our first month of being a sappy girlfriend-boyfriend, we went on a picnic date in Japanese Shrine. It was a spontaneous one because we never really planned about it. And on our third month, we went to Siquijor. That was the first time I went to the other island without my family. It felt like an adrenaline because I was with my boyfriend whom I just met for about an year and viola! We went with just a budget of 1,500-2,000 each for 3 days and 2 nights. From then on, we started traveling during summer and semestral breaks. We started by going to neighboring islands and just recently, it was our first time to travel to Mindanao together.

How traveling keeps me going

“Pulo Cave, Sipalay”

That first ride on the pump boat going to Siquijor gave me mixed emotions. A spoon of fear, a cup of excitement, a handful of happiness and a sprinkle of unexpainable feeling. Like what I said there was an adrenaline! That was the time I realized that I have already stepped out from my comfort zone. Though there was always a pull of gravity from where I should be but it that was the time I got high with liberty. I tasted freedom and I it was perfect. But this doesn’t mean I have to get out from the box and leave everything behind because it felt like a prison of routines in there. The implacable rush of adrenaline increases the speed on different levels of the ping pong ball bouncing from one corner to another. This enabled the box to move forward from the places where it used to be. This is how traveling keeps me going with life.

“Shaka Restaurant, Siargao”

Traveling keeps me whole. It widens my perspectives in life and reminds me the beauty of the world that I might now see when I die. It also reminds me that there is more to life than the routines I have in the box. Though I am this coward little cat, it still gives me the reason why I should go out and travel.

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