Are you looking for a place where you can study without paying every hour but have a good cup of coffee? Or a place to chill with friends? Here is the new study cafe in Cebu, KAPEL (kape n coffee). This is the perfect place to fuel yourself with coffee for the upcoming exams or just simply chill.



Not only you can have your caffeine fix but they also serve tea and other non-coffee based drinks. You can also have pasta or an all-day breakfast if you are hungry but you don’t want to leave the place because you are still studying or working. They also have sandwiches, cheese sticks and fries for snacks. All ranges from 40 – 120 pesos. How great is that!


If you know me well, I am a coffee lover and cappuccino is the first thing that I order whenever I am in a new cafe. This is where I base whether a coffee shops serves good coffee. And with KAPEL, their cappuccino is a masterpiece. For me, no need to put sugar because the bitterness of the coffee mixed with the milk was already enough. Fries and coffee are enough to keep me awake during the whole stay.



The cafe was enveloped with instragrammable corners which I guess, it makes it very inviting especially for the millenials. You could do a photoshoot or an OOTD inside the place but of course, be careful not to disturb those who are studying.


When major or shifting exams are approaching, my only bullet to have the motivation to study is to study out. Through this, I become productive and it avoids me from oversleeping. I usually go to Bo’s Baseline because it’s just near to my place and I am glad that I found KAPEL as a new study place.



It has cubicles with lights and outlets attached to it if you are studying or working alone. But it has big tables if you are working in a group and their internet connection is really fast. So it is a good place for research and meetings.

Have you been to this place? Tell me what you think.

Address: 2F, Treehouse Bldg., R. Aboitiz St., Cebu City (At the back of STC, before baseline, taas sa Calda Pizza hehe)
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  1. My only concern why I don't venture with other coffee shops as much as I'd like to is their closing time. I am that kind of person that doesn't and will not go home unless everything that I wanted to achieve for the night. I don't to be constrained with the time too thinking that I should cram everything before this kind of time just because that coffee shop is about to close. That's why I only go to Bo's IT because I know they never closes. Haha

  2. Sounds promising! And looks like a super cool place to study, chill, and hang out. The thing with most coffee shops nowadays is that you can't really control the noise because it's a public place so it might still be counterproductive to study there. I hope Kapel doesn't turn into a noisy place, hehe. PS. Love the cork board with the photos.

  3. If you would not mind, I think they should provide more chalkboards. Engineering or courses of the like require lots and lots of space for calculations.

    Also, it's prone to crowd. I just hope they're implementing a No Boisterousness policy.

    Oh, well, might as well visit this place to see if the place is perfect for studying. 🙂

  4. Looks like a pretty cool place indeed! But just as JD already said, I hope they implement a hush-hush policy in order to prevent the place from becoming to noisy. Would kinda ruin the overall aim of the place if that were to happen. Still a pretty good place to go to in my opinion!

  5. Good place again!..haha.. never tried study-out in a coffer shop but now I use coffee shop in doing freelance work especially meeting deadlines.. hmm..

  6. This place looks amazing! Not really a fan of 'study outs' because I prefer the comforts of my own bed, but I would love to try if I ever get back to school next year. 🙂 I will probably go to this place sometime soon to do some work. Thanks for this post!

  7. Ganahan ko mo try sa ilang coffee ug mo tambay sa ilang place. Mag blog ug mag muni2x … May unta dili saba ug crowded

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